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Dirty Little Secrets, Part Three: Why the Agent Requested—and Then Rejected—the Full Manuscript

“…one thing did not lead to another, with clear consequences for the story moving forward, which meant there was no sense that the story was building up to something important.
“Causality is not a term generally bandied about in creative writing circles, but it really ought to be, because it’s a principle that goes right to the root of storytelling.”

Three Ways Writers Tell, Not Show (And How You Can Fix Them)

“Show, don’t tell can make a writer want to scream, but once you realize what told prose looks like, it’s easy to rewrite it to show. And after you train yourself to spot it, you start avoid it naturally.”

Editing for Authors: 7 Ways to Tighten the Story and Cut Costs

“Self-publishing is a whole new level and new devil. If we’re doing our job, the self-published novel should be at least as good as anything legacy published. This means we bear the burden (and cost) of making sure our manuscript is the best it can be.

“Superior editing makes the difference between releasing a novel versus unleashing one. Many emerging writers—once the novel is ‘finished’—make some major errors when it comes to ‘editing.’”