Writing, Reading and Gratitude

sun over clouds by rose.sparrowking

Grateful for today:

The magnificent blue sky.

Recent Writing Bookmarks:

My Ongoing Feud with Billy Joel. Great advice for writing dialogue. Make dialogue a confrontation not a conversation. Give each character a distinct voice. Look for other ways to make how your character talks memorable. Don’t be a name dropper. Don’t go nuts with dialogue tags. Don’t go overboard with dialect.

The Villain Adapts, but Does Not Change. Keep the villains coming at the hero from everywhere. The villain adapts but does not change. The hero is the one who changes. If the villain changed, he’d be the hero.

The Key Components of a Compelling Character (According to Psychology). Make them want. Make them unique. Make them more.

The Inner Struggle: How to Show a Character’s Repressed Emotions. Over and under-reactions. Tics and tells. Flight, fight or freeze. Passive-aggressive reactions. Incongruencies.

Recent Reads

Romancing the Beat: Story Structure for Romance Novels (How to Write Kissing Books) (Volume 1). This really made me re-think and re-structure my novel. Which was supposed to be a thriller romance but wasn’t working on the romance front.